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From the bizarre imagination of Terry Gilliam, one of the founding members of Monty Python, comes a twisted tale of plumbing, love, plastic surgery, and much too much paper work. "Brazil", starring Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro and Michael Palin takes us to a dark and strange world of tomorrow as unusual as our imagination could imagine and very often hard to tell apart. Gilliam brings us this dark comedy reminiscent of the of the "1984" novel/film, but powerful enough to stand on its own. A true feast for the senses, you could watch it a hundred times and discover something new every time, and catch yourself humming the theme, so well stuck in your head, over and over. Definitely a terrific addition to any movie collection.

The Criterion Collection of "Brazil" is a massive - an ultimate collector's piece, spanning three DVDs and giving us a fantastic look at the film. Of great note to any collector or fan of the film, is an in-depth look at how the studio and director battled for their own version of the film to be released, including both the studio's re-cut 94 minute version and an exclusive 142 minute director's cut, 10 minutes longer than the American video release.

Packed with plenty of additional production notes, photo galleries, interviews and more, this truly is a marvelous not-to- be-missed collection for any fan.

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The collection contains two single sided - dual layered discs and one single sided - single layered disc and contains the widescreen version of the director's cut, and the full frame version of the studio's. The disc mastering is excellent, as are the many extras.
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Brazil: Director's Cut Criterion Collection 1985
Rating:R Running Time:142/94 min
Picture:(side 1) 1.85:1 Letterbox Widescreen
Sound:Stereo & Surround
Subtitles:(closed captioned)
Extras:Trailer, Production Notes, Photo Gallery, Interviews, Behind-the-Scenes, Audio Commentaries by Terry Gilliam on Director's Cut, Movie Critic on Studio Release, more

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