Strange behavior:
Crete a new account in "System preferences" > Accounts : Click on "+"
Login to the new account.  If no problem here it is probably something in your
user Library folder.

Try an archive and reinstall.

This worked to fix a problem where multiple finger track pad gestures didn't
work on my account after I installed files from my old mac with Migration Asst.

Can't see servers on OS X 10.4
Turn off Firewall in: "System Preferences" > Sharing > Firewall

Startup problems
- Boot to "Safe Mode" (Safe Boot) by holding the shift key from chime until you see "Safe-boot" on the progress bar box. This disables a lot of functions (kernel extensions) and runs a fsck in background.

- Boot to single user mode. Hold Cmd-S at startup. You can then run fsck or fsck -f.
- Select System by holding optn at startup.

See Magical Macintosh Key Sequences
How To Troubleshoot Your Mac See also:
Apple Tech Exchange: MacFixIt troubleshooting solutions for the Mac Resource Page: MacCentral Macintosh users news and How To Troubleshoot Your Mac
Restoring User Library Files

last updated 6 Feb 2009

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