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Sunset Beach Fan Fiction

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AUTHOR: Consequences

Shortly after Ben and Megs almost wedding, things started to take a downhill fall. Ben was spending most of his time to help Maria really unaware of the distance growing between him and Meg.

Meg comes home and sees Maria and Ben in the living room talking and laughing. A normal day to day thing it seemed like to Meg. He was always with Maria, and hardly ever did spend time with her. Was he falling out of love with her and back in love with Maria?

Meg (to herself) Do you not love me anymore Ben?

Ben: Hi Meg.

Meg: Hi Ben, Maria.

Maria: We were about to order pizza and a movie, do you want to join us?

Meg(to herself): The only us is Ben and me, Maria.

Meg: No, I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed.

Ben: Meg, are you alright sweetie?

Meg: Yes, I am just tired.

Meg comes up the stairs to their bedroom.

Meg: Why are you always with Maria, we hardly ever spend any time together, you are with Maria. Is it over for us Ben?

Meg changes into something comfortabe, slips into bed and starts to cry. Ben comes in and sees Meg and he goes to her and holds her. She holds on to him tightly afraid that he will slip further away from her. Then she pulls away from him.

Meg: I am fine Ben, go back to Maria, cause that where you really want to be right now isn't it? Have you fallen out of love with me, and back in love with her?

Ben: No, I want to be with you. I am trying to help Maria with her past, thats all, nothing else. How could you say that? What is wrong with you Meg? I love you and only you! How many times do I have to show you, that you are my love and my life?

Meg: You and Maria are always spending time together. I am lucky if I get five minutes of your time. Maybe I should leave.

Ben: I am helping Maria so that we can get married. No!! I love you and I wont let you go.

Meg: I love you too.

They kiss passionately.

Meg: Ben????

Ben: What?

Meg: Do you ever wonder what life would be like if Maria had not fell off of your boat and you and I would have never met and fallen in love?

Ben: I cant lie to you, the thought has crossed my mind, but I would not want to live my life without you in it. Besides that will never happen.

They hold each other close and fall into a peaceful yet troubled sleep.

The next morning

Ben wakes up and turns to Meg to reassure her of his love. When he turns her to him, he finds out.............that...........the woman is.....


Ben: What is going on?

Maria starts to wake up.

Maria: Good morning to you too Ben.

Ben: What are you doing in here?

Maria: We are married Ben.

Ben: What on earth are you talking about, we are not married. Where is Meg? Where is she Maria?

Maria: Meg, who is Meg? What is wrong with you, did you have some bad nightmare or something?

Ben: I was in a dream and now I have woken up to a nightmare.

Ben glances around the room, there are pictures of him and Maria, she never fell off of his boat, and he looks at the calendar, its the first day SB and Dorothy would have met on the internet.

Ben: I have to find you Meg, I hope I am not too late.

Maria: What is wrong with you? Where are you going Ben?

Ben: I am going to find my destiny.

Ben makes a phone call

Ben: When is your next flight to Kansas City?...In 2 hours....I would like to book a ticket...Ben Evans... I will pick it up at the airport.

Ben: I am coming to get you my love.

In Ludlow a few hours later

Ben arrives in Ludlow. He sees the headlines of the newspaper

Tim Truman and Meg Cummings to marry TODAY!!

Ben: Over my dead body Tim.

At the church

Meg is getting ready. She hears a soft knock at the door.

Meg: Come in.

Ben: Meg...

Meg: Who are you? Are you a friend of Tims?

Ben: Im Ben Evans, just listen to me Meg, I know you dont know me but I have to talk to you about Tim. You have to know the truth about him.

Meg: Alright, what is it?

Ben: Hes cheating on you with your best friend Connie.

Meg: Who do you think you are to come in here and tell me that? I dont even know you and you are trying to ruin my wedding and I will not let you do that. Please leave.

Ben: Meg, please.

Meg: Leave!!!!

The wedding march starts to play, and Meg is about to walk down the aisle when Ben stops her.

Meg: Ben, please get out of my way.

Ben: I cant do that Meg. I wont let you marry Tim.

Meg: Well you cant stop me.

Ben: Oh yes I can.

Ben picks Meg up and throws her over his shoulders.

Meg: Put me down.

Ben: I dont care what you do, you are coming with me.

Meg: Ben!!!!

Ben takes Meg to his white convertible (what else) and sets her down in the passenger seat.

He drives to the park and they take a walk around the lake.

Ben: I cant let you marry Tim, he is a cheater. I know this is going to sound crazy but I love you Meg.

Ben kisses Meg passionately and she eagerly returns the kiss.

Ben: Sorry I just had to do that...he does not even finish when Meg pulls him back to her and they share a heart stopping kiss.

Meg: I guess its love at first sight, because I love you too.

Ben brings her closer to him and kisses her again.

Ben wakes up and expects to be in Kansas, but he is back in Sunset Beach. There is a woman lying beside him.

Ben: NO!!! NOT AGAIN!!! This cant be happening. I cant live without Meg, she is my one and only true love. If this is real, then let me go back to dream.

Ben slowly turns the woman to he does that

he finds out that the woman is.........


His heart leaps for joy, and he pulls her into his arms and gives her a passionate kiss. After what seems like eternity they break apart from each other.

Meg:mmm...Thats a way to wake up. What did I do to deserve that?

Ben: Being Meg Cummings, the love of my life everyday. Do you remember what you said last night about what would happen if life was different?

Meg: yes, I remember

Ben: Well I would have found you and we would have still been together.SB and Dorothy are meant to be together. Fate would have brought us together some way... I love you so much Meg, my Dorothy

Meg: Oh Ben, I love you so much, my SB. I am so glad you came into my life.