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E Komo Mai i ke Kahua Pnwelewele  
o ka Hui Hawai`i
o n Kpuna!
(Welcome to Da' Hawai`i Seniors Club Web Site!)

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Hawaiian Proverbs and Wise Sayings for Seniors
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*Oh yeah, and why is Hawaii spelled Hawai`i?

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The following misspells are included here for search engine recognition purposes only:  the hawaii club, the hawai'i club, Hawaii, Hawai'i, ka olelo hawaii, ka 'olelo hawai'i.  Read: Why is Hawaii spelled Hawai`i? The closest renderings of the diacritical marks necessary for the proper pronunciation, spelling and comprehension of Hawaiian words employ the caret (^)  to represent the kahak and the backward quote (`) to represent the `okina, as used on this page. Unfortunately, to date, the Internet does not support the faithful rendering of diacritical marks, although efforts to rectify this situation are underway.