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Disc One


1.      Operation in Progress 2000

2.      15 Credibility Street (Britt Daniel, Clocking Out Is For Suckers Cassette, tracks 2-18)

3.      Chicago@Night

4.      Let Me Roll It!

5.      All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed

6.      Interview 1

7.      Do The Manta Ray

8.      I Could Be Underground

9.      Taking My Piss Out

10.  Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

11.  [untitled]

12.  Interview 2

13.  I Can't Believe That Kurt Cobain Is Dead

14.  Secrets

15.  Dismember

16.  I Wanted To Be Your Friend

17.  Call Me When You Come Home

18.  Are You Part Of The Movement

19.  When We Go F.M.

20.  Government Darling (Nefarious EP, tracks 20-23)

21.  This Damn Nation

22.  Nefarious

23.  Not Turning Off

24.  Cut My Friend Down (Britt Daniel)

25.  Orange T-Shirt (Britt Daniel)

26.  This Is A Whipping (Drake Tungsten)

27.  Idiot Driver (Bacon Sandwich Remix)

28.  Irrigation Man

29.  If You Say So

30.  Party Up


Disc Two


1.      Dismember (alt.)

2.      Primary (alt.)

3.      Telemon Bridge (live)

4.      In The Ground

5.      Elektra Audio Bio (misinformation overdrive)

6.      Car Radio (Radio Edit)

7.      The Agony Of Lafitte (Britt solo, live)

8.      Lafitte, Don't Fail Me Now

9.      You Gotta Feel It

10.  Lines In The Suit (acoustic)

11.  Operation In Progress 1996

12.  Change My Life ("Eric Is King", live at the 40W Club, Athens, GA. 23rd February 2001

13.  Chicago At Night

14.  Lines In The Suit

15.  Take A Walk

16.  Metal Detektor

17.  Utilitarian

18.  The Minor Tough

19.  Anything You Want

20.  Mountain To Sound

21.  I Can See The Dude

22.  Metal School

23.  Me And The Bean

24.  Chips and Dip

25.  The Fitted Shirt

26.  Lowdown

27.  The Leaf Of An Artichoke (Britt Daniel)



Complete show: Nope, its a newsgroup-compiled collection


CD quality:



This is what my newsgroup buddy Jason said about this compilation. Hes the one who compiled the tracks on this CD so listen carefully:


Alright, just for the record, I'm sending these without tracklists..I guess I simply assumed people saved the last one, foolish me. So I'll repost it at the end of this message. Some notes: the cover art is not done yet, I actually think it is done, but the linear notes have to be sent to the mighty COLIN, I guess since I'm skipping church for the 4000th Sunday in a row I can do that tomorrow.


I've already heard a couple comments about "quality". Okay, here's my say: I casted a wide net, trying several times to

nab some of these things. I did the best with what I got. The "Clocking Out For Suckers" cassette re-mastering, I'm particulary proud of...I'm pretty sure it was mastered and reproduced with generic quality cassettes, and after six years the sound was a little low in the speakers, I cranked it up as loud as I could with no distortion. Other stuff, I had no such power I got what was sent to me on CDs, and it was copied bit for bit by my computer just as I got it. Some stuff I could only get cassette copies, and again I think I did the best with what I got. If someone thinks they can do better, they're more then welcome - I'll send 'em all my source material and they can have at 'er. Beaty was kind enough to hook up his RCA cables and do a damn good rip of the Nefarious EP. So there's a pop or 2. You expect him to own the seven inch for 7 years and not ever play it? So here's my warning. I'm a major boot collector, and I have a page where I rate my boots. I would give this a B+.


It's very good not excellent, not super-high fidelity, but it's more then listenable despite a few flaws (like a cassette going funny for 1/2 a second or whatever). The most avoidable flaw could be some of the mp3s that were transferred to .wav - there's a minor click before those tracks. But I don't have mp3 to wav software, someone else took time and energy to do those for me while no one else did, and it's only a couple songs so who really gives a crap. Frankly, if anyone complains, just be glad you're not an old Replacements fan and have to listen to stuff that's been copied via boomboxes since 1986 from a crappy radio broadcast recording. I'm quite convinced this is the best we're ever going to hear these songs but again if someone wants to stand up for the audiophiles, you'll get all my materials, express post. That's fucking it.


Jason, for those of you who are interested, is normally wound this tight. But hes also a fun guy, friendly trader and get this he sent me Tangerine Altoids from the States! How fucking cool is that?


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