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These shots are “Classic David”

smiling that sweet smile

and giving the crowd his all...

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David and a few of his fans hobnobbing

after the concert

(l to r)  Helen H., Patty A., David, and Kenita V.

Where are Misty and Charlotte you ask??
Off chasing Rhett and Chad for pics
We were afraid we were going to lose them again!!!

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Well, David certainly does draw
the WOMEN.... Suffering isn't he?!?!?!?
(Look at my face... pouting
'cause I couldn't get close to him... haha)

OOPS!!!!! and how in the world
did this pic get in this stack.....

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this is Me and David
hanging out before the concert

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WOW look at that GOOD LOOKIN' cowboy -
OH, that's my husband, Marvelous Marvin with David
(who I might add is quite nice lookin' himself)

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David posing with Patty A.

Awwwwww, but ain't she just
the sweetest Momma!!!

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David with his friends (l) Misty D. and (r)Helen H.

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Elvis couldn't have been happier!!!

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