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Gamoth of Ki

Gamoth is a handsome and wild looking man standing a shade under six feet tall. His face is framed by a thick mane of wild reddish-brown, both hair and beard. His eyes are hazel and inviting. His smile is disarming and Gamoth's appeal to women is magnetic. He's the one your mother warned you about, but hell, why listen to her?

Gamoth usually dresses in greens and browns, sporting a Sumerian-style zigzag kilt, a gray-green cloak and boots, a scimitar and some sort of iris (usually tucked into his hair). The huge tigress, Ashtabular, is Gamoth's constant companion. Often they are accompanied by a brown bear (Ramu), a mongoose (Kiesha) and/or a bloodhawk (Kyr).

Gamoth is well known (infamous?) throughout the Flanaese. He is a founding member of the Blade Seekers and close friends with the lizard man mage, Slee, and the centaur ranger, Zé. Gamoth's only protege is the dark elf, Zylvanar. His affairs are legion, although Teela Shaldomar of Greyhawk's Mage's Guild is perhaps the most noteworthy (and vocal!). Easy-going by nature, Gamoth's range of friends defies all norms.

When not adventuring, Gamoth dwells in the Celedon forest in a section renamed Tigerwood. Gamoth is a druid of Ki, goddess of beasts, luck and nature, and bears no special love for the faerie folk. He and his wood elven neighbors enjoy an uneasy peace (truce?). A friend to beasts of all sorts, especially tigers, Gamoth's divinely granted section of the wood is more wild than the rest. That's just the way he likes it...

Of late, Gamoth has become more involved in world affairs. He and Zé sought to bring Bart Silverwind to justice for the slaughter of Tallowood's centaurs. Later, Gamoth joined in the battle against the Illithid Invasion. It was Ashtabular, in fact, who destroyed the Brain Pool on Luna. Recently, Gamoth has appeared in the Highlands, aiding Cainna NihFalen in defending the lands around Bellport. Gamoth is the newest member of the Eastern Druids' Circle.

Garlok Drake

Prince of Amberwood

Garlok Drake, half-elven Prince of Amberwood, a fief of witches and outcasts in a nation of intellectually and ethically rigid paladins and cavaliers. Garlok is the eldest son of Baron Moorak Drake and his high elven wife, Aarondella Nimrith-Drake. Garlok stands a shade under six feet tall and weighs in at 175 pounds of lean and limbe muscle. His hair is a shining golden hue, short in the front and on the sides, but with a braided pony-tail running to the middle of his back. Garlok's eyes are brown and radiant. His features are boyish and charming while his voice is both lyrical and musical. The Prince seems to have inherited the best features of each of his parents. Only in recent years, however, has Garlok shown a true aptitude for both his parents' professions.

From an early age, Moorak schooled his son in the art of combat. Garlok yearned to one day be a great hero, like his father. Accordingly, unlike his twin sister, Robyndella, Garlok focused all his efforts and energies on mastering sword-play. While she learned a bit of magic from her father and some archery from her mother, Garlok specialized in pure fighting, learning how to handle various swords as well as the long bow. At the same time, Garlok learned to tumble and roll, sing, and play music, although these appeared to be more of a hobby than anything else. Raised for much of his life with no one outside his immediate family, Garlok suddenly found himself with the opportunity to test his fighting prowess at the age of 15 (10 in human years). So began Garlok's relatively meteoric career and phenomenally successful career as a warrior.

Garlok inherited several of his father's special abilities, including a slightly enhanced armor class, a slight resistance to lightning, superior hearing, and 10' infravision. Most importantly, however, Garlok was born with an inborn ability to feather fall. Combining all these talents and his very human-like drive, Garlok has advanced to the rank of champion. Here, at the "tender" age of 29 (16), Garlok gave up the blade of the fighter for the stealth of the thief. His chosen mentor: the rogue hobbit, Goldilox Took. His reason: to become a bard, like those of old, a mixture of warrior, rogue, and druid. How better to be a hero on par with his father?

Garlok lives in Amberwood with his brass dragon hatchling/ward, Timrith, as well as his family and friends. Garlok has had a variety of female companions despite his young age, including Zandra and Beulla. For the last year, however, Garlok has been clearly smitten with the half-elven mage/acrobat, Mina, taking their relationship to a new level. As the crown-prince, Garlok has numerous duties to attend to -- as the non-human son of an unpopular baron, Garlok must work twice as hard to be accepted as other young noblemen. Luckily, Garlok is the favorite of his aunt, the Baroness Caeleia Drake of Angel's Rock, who helps him through some spots. In others, Garlok relies on his natural charm and charisma. In truth, affairs of state have little interest to the young prince, and whenever he has the opportunity, Garlok is more than happy to seek thrills and adventure in forest, cavern, or dungeon!

Gilford Prattnick

Gilford Prattnick comes from a family of adventurers residing in Greendale. He is the third of six children. Since childhood he was expected to become a priest, so after he came of age, he joined the priesthod of Saint Cuthbert. Now a seventh level cleric, Gilford splits his time between adventuring and the temple of St. Cuthbert in Greyhawk. He is preparing to build his own temple soon near Greendale.

Gilford joined up ith the K-Z Party just after his siter Margo's first death. He did it to help Margo and Jessica and to be close to the object of his desire, Brianna Talgris. Ever since he was child, Gilford has carried a torch for Brianna. Not long after he joined the party, she broke his heart, but he stayed on because of his sister and Jessica. Of note in Gilford's adventuring life are the trip to rescue the Star of Heironius and the trip to the Underdark to kill some drow elves. Gilford has died twice, but been raised both times. He is currently preparing to help Medegia in the fray against the Great Kingdom.

Somewhat of a nerd, Gilford is a scrawny man in his late twenties, but looks to be around twentyish. He has short, slicked back, blond hair, is clean shaven and stands about 6' 1". His nickname, given by Jessica, is "Ladykiller". Gilford is somehat of a joke when it comes to women mostly because he is so inept and he tries way too hard to impress a lady. However, it is Gilford's hope to one day marry and settle down by his temple and live out his remaining days preaching about St. Cuthbert.

What Gilford doesn't know is that very soon an indiscression from his past may catch up with him.....

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