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Bees in this family are usually black with metallic colours. They are solitary (each female bee build nest,  lays and cares her own eggs) or communal (share nest with other female but care her own eggs). Females nest in ground or rotting wood, males do not nest but cluster together at night.
Nomia Bees have short pointed tongues and feed on different shallow flowers.

Cluster of Green and Gold Nomia Bees 
wpe1A.jpg (21980 bytes)  wpe17.jpg (22581 bytes)
Lipotriches australica (Nomia australica), body length 10mm
The bees have golden yellow bands on their abdomen. On their head there are the large brown compound eyes, long antenna and golden yellow face.  
  wpe1E.jpg (32147 bytes)
In late summer we found a cluster of them resting on a tall grass late in the afternoon in a bushland near Alexandra Hill. We believed they are the males clustered together for the night.


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